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  Learn How to Play Sic Bo and Avoid Sucker Bets


Sic Bo is a dice game popular among Asian gamblers and played in casinos all around the world. This game would not offer much entertainment to anyone looking for a fun game that can be played at home among friends. The game is designed as a gambling tool for gamblers who believe in their own luck.

Sic Bo is played with three dice. Players bet on the various outcomes that may result.

The exact types of bets may vary from casino to casino, as do the payouts.

For example, players can bet whether the total of all 3 dice will be "big", ranging from 11 to 17, or "small", ranging from 4 to 10. They can bet on whether the total of all dice will be odd or even, or can bet on specific totals. They can also bet on specific three-of-a-kinds "triples or pairs "doubles".

Here is more information on common Sic Bo bets, their probabilities, and a calculation of the house edge.

Sic Bo Strategy

There is no skill involved in winning at this game. However, the savvy player will select bets that offer the lowest advantage to the house. These are usually the big and small bets, which offer a typical house edge of about 3%.

Video: Learn to Play Sic Bo


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