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Santase Rules

Santase is not a commonly played card game but it is a lot of fun. This two-player game, popular in Eastern Europe, is challenging and competitive. Give it a try.

Santase only uses 24 cards from the deck, 9 and up. Get rid of all the other cards. You don't need them.

Each player receives 6 cards. The top card from the remaining cards in the deck is turned over to determine the trump suit.

Decide who leads by gentleman's agreement or any means you like. This player will lay down a card. The opponent will do then do the same. High card (or any card of trump suit) takes the cards and accumulates and resulting points.

Then each player takes a card from the unused deck (the stock pile).

Now here's where things get a little tricky. If you have the king and queen of the same suit, you may lay it down and collect 20 points immediately. If they king and queen belong to the trump suit you score a quick 40 points. This is a big chunk of points since you only need 66 points to win the game.

Note that you don't leave both cards on the table. Leave the queen (the lower card) and take back the king. But you do need to show it, obviously, to your opponent to confirm the points.

Another oddball rule in Santase is that concerns the trump 9. If you have the 9 of the trump suit you can swap it for the overturned trump card in the middle of the table at the start of your turn.

Play continues until the stock pile is exhausted. Now the rules change somewhat. One player will lead. The other player must follow with a card of the same suit. If they do not have one, they must play a trump card (if they have one).

Remember, the object of the game is to be the first to get to 66 points, or be the player to win the final trick.

So how do you score points? Well, you score points (in addition to the king-queen play previously mentioned) according to these rules:

9's = 0 points
J = 2 points
Q = 3 points
K = 4 points
10's = 10 points
A = 11 points

Here's one more complicating rule. At any point in the game, while the stock pile still has cards in inventory, a player may close the deck. That means players enter the final phase of the game as if the stock pile was exhausted.

If you win the game, you get a point. If your opponent has 30 or less points, you score two. No points scores three.

Keep playing until someone reaches 10 points or any point level you agreed upon in advance.

Video: Watch Santase Being Played


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