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  Kismet Rules

The Kismet dice game is presently produced by Endless Games as the modern version of the Yacht game. On the other hand, Kismet has its own unique distinctions that sets it apart from other similar games and stands out as a one of a kind dice game.

The number of players required in playing Kismet is one or more players. In order to play Kismet, the Kismet set of dice is required. The special set is composed of five dice that have three different colors of pips on every die.

To start the game, the score sheets are distributed to all the players. Every player rolls one die. The player that gets the highest number will be the first to start.

We will now focus on the game proper. The player rolls all the five dice in order to acquire a scoring combination. The player will be the one to decide if he/she would like to stop and take a score or pick up any or all the dices and roll once again. After the final roll, the score should be placed into a box in your score sheet. If there is no scoring combination available, the player must enter a score in the Yarborough box. Once the Yarborough box is already full, the player should put a zero in one box depending on his/her choice. This will end his/her turn and the play continues in the left direction.

As for the scoring on the basic section, it scores points for the ones through sixes. The points are awarded based on the number of matches played. The points are valued with a face value of every scoring die being added together.

As for the scoring on the Kismet section, take note that two pair of the same color will give a score of the total value of all the five dice. With a full house, there are three dice of a similar number and two similar value of another. The rate is the whole value of the five dices including an addition of 15 points. With a full house similar color also functions in an equal way, with an addition of 20 points as an alternative of 15 points. With a four of a kind, same numbers earns the total value of all five dice and an additional of 25 points. The Yarborough box is considered as an escape option for players that have no scoring combination. The value of all five dice is simply added and scored here. A Kismet is gained with five of the same number and worth 50 additional points.

The scoring for the second Kismet after scoring one allows the player to select any other scoring alternative for the color and numbers rolled. The other players should enter a zero in the empty box near the top portion, either in the Basic section or the Kismet section, and lose a turn. The same rules are applied for all succeeding Kismets.

As for the bonus score, once the Basic section is filled, if the total is 62 points or less, there is no bonus score. The scores of 63 up to 70 will gain 35 points, 71 up to 77 gains 55 points while scores of 78 or higher will gain 75 bonus points.

Once all the 15 boxes are filled, the player with the highest score after the getting the total of the Basic and Kismet section is the winner of the game.

Video: Playing Kismet


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