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State Lottery Keno vs. Casino Keno (Odds and Chances to Win)

The lottery is a fun game of chance that millions of people play each day. One type of lottery game that is a big hit with consumers is known as Keno. The game of Keno is a variation of the normal lottery that provides players a chance to win money. The following rules apply for this game.

Keno can be played at local retail establishments that offer this type of lottery game. Participants can wager dollar amounts from $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $10 and $20. After a player makes a wager with their money they will then select “a spot” which is 1 to 10 chosen numbers out of a pool of 80. Players also have the options to use an Auto-Pick feature to get the numbers you want.

Players also have the option of adding $1 Booster for each $1 that they bet. Players can then play up to 20 consecutive drawings on a bet card. A player will win by matching their numbers to the 20 consecutive drawings on one bet card. Tickets for lottery Keno can be purchased 7 days a week. Drawings take place everyday between 6:04 a.m. To 2:28 a.m. Game times will also vary by state.

The odds of winning a Keno game is based on the type of Keno game that is being played and how much is being wagered. The odds of winning Keno is 1:80 and this is based off the amount of ball numbers that a person has to choose from. The odds for a player to win are 3.30 for selecting 1 number right and this goes up to 20 numbers which is incredibly difficult to do.

Remember that each state holds its own Keno lottery games. In the state of Massachusetts, players have a 1:478,261,833.14 chance of winning the $1,000,000 prize. However, their odds increase for smaller prize amounts. They have a 1:31 chance of winning a prize of $5. These odds are not the same as other states but they provide a general idea about the type of prize amounts that players can win.

The odds of winning a Keno game within a casino is nearly the same. The odds are shown for matching number amounts in casinos. Players have a 1 in 86.446 chance to match at least 1 number and a 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,320.000 for matching all 20 numbers. These numbers will also change based on the amount of numbers that is selected on each card by each player. Casino Freak provides statistics for players to win at a Keno game.

The most popular numbers that win in a Keno game will vary by location sponsoring the competition. There are 5 numbers that are drawn often in many Keno games and they include 34, 4, 23, 1 and 72. Numbers such as 44, 78, 16, 58 and 3 are other popular numbers that typically show up in Keno drawings. Once again, these numbers are not representative all state Keno lotteries and casino locations.

Players should also keep in mind that selecting numbers is never exact. Some numbers will never frequently be chosen while other numbers will consistently appear. Most state lottery Keno games will have a listing of numbers for each previous drawings. This will allow players to see the amount of numbers chosen for each round. A player can then try to figure out what numbers consistently show up in drawings. This will not necessarily improve their odds with winning but it can give them more of an opportunity with choosing winning numbers. Lottery Keno games vs. casino Keno games; one game is not better than the other. They both offer players nearly the same probability of winning.


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