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  Bridge Rules - An Introduction to Contract Bridge

As one of the highly popular games in the past, contract Bridge is still considered by many people as the ultimate card game, especially among older folks who have been playing it for decades.

Bill Gates is an avid Bridge enthusiast! (See video below)

If you are playing to learn contract Bridge, you should be fully acquainted with the basics which include the playing, bidding and scorekeeping. Once you have fully understood the rules for contract Bridge, you can also learn other variations.

These rules are intended to give you a quick introduction to the flow of the game. To learn how to play the game we suggest watching the video below.

The players required for contract bridge is basically four, acting as two pairs with both partners in front of each other. Traditionally, the pairs are referred to as either East-West or North-South.

The main objective of contract bridge is to gain points by acquiring certain tricks throughout the game and to ultimately succeed in obtaining rubber from two games.

Every deal would require a standard 52-card deck. It is also customary to always have a second pack ready for the next hand that will follow.

To start the game, once all the card has been dealt out, the dealers starts the auction or also known as the bidding. The moment the bidding is over, the play of hand will now start. The game play is composed of 13 tricks overall.

As for the bidding, players on both sides must place a bid for their right side to select the trump suit or play the hand at NT or no-trump. The dealer will start the bidding. The bid is usually any number from 1-7 with a suit or NT. The number, by adding six will indicate the number of tricks that your side has with the suit bid as the trumps. When it is your turn, you must either bid or pass. If you can win the bid at a suit in which your side possesses more cards that the other side has, it can definitely help in winning tricks.

The bidding starts with any starting bid. Throughout the auction, all the players when it is their turn can either bypass or offer. Every fresh bid must be bigger than the earlier bid. The latest bid might be in a superior ranking suit with no increase in the number of tricks that you have. The auction is finished once three of the players in a row opt to pass.

The final bid is the concluding agreement. Any partner that first bids the successful trump suit is considered the declarer. Just bear in mind not to let other players see your cards during the auction.

If the opponent made the latest bid, once it is your turn, you may opt to double. This simply means that you will double the stakes. Either opponent can also redouble. There will be three players that pass will finish each auction, so it is probable for the concluding agreement to be redoubled or doubled, eventually escalating the score.

Video: Learn to Play Contract Bridge the Card Game

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