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  Block Domino Domino Rules and Instructional Videos

The block dominoes together with draw dominoes are generally the easiest domino games. It is also commonly played until today. You should learn all the basics of the game in order to increase your chances of winning.

In playing block dominoes together with the draw dominoes, you would need a standard domino set, table or flat surface, score sheet to keep track of the scores. The game can be played by 2 or more players.

First, all the dominoes should be placed facing down on one end of the tablet and mix them up. The middle of the tablet should be empty in order to have space to play the game. Every player should randomly select 7 dominoes if there are two or three players. For four or more players, select only 5 dominoes. Place the selected dominoes on your side with the pips facing you, so that only you can see them. The left over dominoes are identified as the “stock” or the “bone yard”.

Next, ask if anyone has taken the highest double domino or known as the binary six in a double six set. If one player has the domino, he should place it facing up on the table. If no one has the highest double, ask for the next highest double until a player has played it. The player on the left will take the next turn.

Play one of the dominoes that match the number of domino present on the board by placing the matching ones end to end. Take note that in block dominoes, if you cannot play, you should pass. As for the draw dominoes, the player should get additional dominoes from the bone yard, once he can get a domino to play, it will continue. If it happens that there are no dominoes remaining in the bone yard, the player must pass.

Continue playing in a table clockwise manner. If you want to use a double domino, position it in a crosswise manner. This facilitates the other players to carry on playing on any end of the domino placed.

The conclusion of the game is reached when a player has utilized all the dominoes in his hand or when the players cannot play any dominoes on the board.

The scoring of the game involves adding up of the number of pips on all the tiles that they have. The player that has the lowest number of pips acquires all the points of the other players; deduct the points in his own hand.

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