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  All Fives Card Game Rules and Instructional Videos

These rules are for the card game All Fives. Note that there is a domino game by the same name.

The game all fives is basically a trick taking type of game where the cards are dealt. The trump is decided and the players only need to take tricks that are worth points. Take note that not all the tricks have the same value, since only specific cards have a point value. All fives is ideal to be played by 2 to 3 players and all you need is a standard deck of cards.

First, the deck is dealt until every player has 6 cards in his hand. The cards are dealt with an increment of 3 – 3 cards for the first player, 3 cards to the second and then 3 cards to the dealer until the hand limit is reached. Set aside the remaining cards and turn the top card over in order to designate the potential trump.

Next, decide the trump if you are the player on the left side of the dealer. You can stand with the suit of designated card as the trump or request for a new trump. If you happen to stand with the designated trump, the play automatically starts. If you will request for a new trump, but the dealer decides to keep it, you will receive a point and play starts. If you request for a new trump and the dealer recognizes the change, he will set away the trump and deals every player 3 additional cards and turns the top card of the left over deck to designate a new trump. If the new trump is the same as the previous, set it aside and deal 3 additional cards to every player and turn the top card of the left over deck. Proceed in this manner until a new trump is designated. Once the trump has been agreed upon, the play continues.

Play a card beginning with the player on the left side of the dealer. It is best to follow suit when possible. The highest card in the lead suit acquires the trick. Once you cannot follow the suit, you can either throw off or place trump. The maximum trump card acquires the trick. With both situations, the frontrunner of the trick will direct the next card.

The play will continue until all the tricks have been taken and when there is no remaining cards in every player’s hand.

Calculate the worth of the trump cards with the tricks you won – 10 is 10 points, 5 is 5 points, ace is 4 points, king is 3 points, queen is 2 points while the jack is 1 point. Take note that just the trump for these cards merit points, the rest has no value.

You will win the game of all fives by being the first player to gain over 60 points in the total score. If two players both go beyond 60 points in one round, the one with the highest score wins the game.

Video: How to Play All Fives

We have not been able to locate an instructional video for All Fives. But when we find one we will post it here.


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